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FIBC/Jumbo bag

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, also known as the big bag, ton bag, bulk bag, is generally made of polypropylene as the main raw material, extruded into film, drawing, and then woven, cut, and sling accessories. With this package, not only helps to improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, especially suitable for bulk powder, granular, bulk goods packaging, is conducive to promoting the standardization and seriation of bulk cargo packing, reduce transportation cost, but also has the advantages of convenient packaging, storage and low cost. It is especially suitable for mechanized operation. It is an ideal choice for storage, packaging and transportation. It can be widely used in the packaging of cement, chemical fertilizer, salt, sugar, chemical raw materials, ore and other bulk materials, such as highway, railway and sea transportation. The product types are mainly cross - angle double - warp pack, four - corner packing bag, bottom bag, U - type packing bag, ventilation ton bag, conductive ton bag, Suzi bag, soft pallet and so on. Tonnage bag design (top, bottom and sling)

Product parameters
Load-bearing range: 500-3000 kilograms
Safety factors:3:1,5:1 and 6:1
Base cloth: PP+ coating / no coating, UV / UV protection.
Shape: Circular / square /U
Lifting method: top crane / side crane / bottom crane
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